When a user is terminated?

I am evaluating ownCloud to see if this is a good fit for our non-profit.
I guess I don’t understand what is suppose to happen if an employee creates many files then leaves the company and their active directory account gets deleted (assume that owncloud is working with AD for authentication).
Also, what is a admin to do if an end user swears they cannot find a file and admins do not have global visibility of the files? Or is this a commandline thing on the server?

I am enjoying ownCloud thus far, but I am having trouble grasping some administrator concerns.

Great questions! When the account gets deleted in AD/LDAP we recommend to disable it via the sync mechanism in ownCloud. Then the admin can go through and do a final delete or (better) do a transfer ownership to preserve files in the ownership of that user.
For support there is an app called “impersonation” in most jurisdiction this will be legal, in doubt check with your lawyer and works council. It allows you to log in as the user and see what he/she sees.

Hope this helps and looking forward to see you and your organization use ownCloud!

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Thanks! That makes sense.
Do you know if there is a location I may find that has administration documentation that addresses issues like this? Something like a “ownCloud Best Practices”?

This is rather scattered throughout the admin documentation impersonation is here eg: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.0/admin_manual/issues/impersonate_users.html
So when you read the full admin manual you will have all the knowledge :wink:
PS: we offer such solution finding of course as business consulting to our customers …

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