When i uplaod file to cloud, it says" enougt space"


when i uplaod a file to cloud, it says" enougt space". when i installed , i prefered 2 TB disk space. i have 45 gb files in owncloud server. how can i do? its not normal!

It could be anything. With that rare amount of info, no one can help you.

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i installed to esx with ova image. i gived 2 tb disk space. What other information do you need?

I don’t know what “esx” nor an “ova image” is. Sorry.

okay thank you your help


i think it could be possible that you have assigned the 2 TB space to the VM but haven’t partitioned the system correctly. I think this doesn’t look like an ownCloud problem and instead i think it could be an administrative task to correctly setup the system to make all assigned storage space available to software like ownCloud.

thank you your answer. i tired extend disk space but it was failed. Do you know, how can i do? how can i do all assigne storage spice correctly?

You might want to check your inodes. If you run out of inodes you run out of space even if you have a ton available df-h shows you the space available, df -i shows you inodes.

Each file uses an inode so a billion empty files will fill up your disk but leave plenty of space…
(this happened to me)


i reinstalled. fix it. thank you

Awesome… glad you go it…

Owncloud is awesome… I wish they still had the comic book reader, but the rest is just super useful every day.