Where are OwnCloudX files stored on QNAP?

I wanted to find my OwnCloudX files through file station or Windows Explorer, where would they be located? I couldn’t find it in any of the www folders.

(I installed OwncloudX through the app center, not through docker, if that means anything)

you can find the files here


@epalma, I don’t think your answer is correct.

@will1 I do not know qnap, but in the documentation at ownCloud on QNAP :: ownCloud Documentation it reads

the top-level directory of your ownCloud app, e.g. /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/ownCloud

So most probably the data directory is there as well. If this is not the case, open config/config.php and look for the variable 'datadirectory'. This should point to the actual data directory.


:sweat_smile: I read the documentation over and over and must have missed that

Yup, indeed it’s in the .qpkg folder! I ended up doing a file search via a ssh terminal and found it that way but yup, that’s exactly where it is. Thank you!