Where can I download the Windows Desktop Client version 2.4.3?

Today I booted my PC and the Owncloud Desktop asked if I wanted to install a new version.
I did and it installed version 2.5.0.
The first strange thing was that I had to configure it from scratch.
Once that was done I got the message that my server version ( is not supported.
What’s more the folder/file icons do not work and files like _sync…db, shm, val and log appear.

I would therefore like to download and install the last functioning version (2.4.3) again.

The version archive only offers up to version 2.3.4 from late 2017.

Can someone tell me where I can download the Windows Desktop Client version 2.4.3?

Here you go :slight_smile:

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maybe it could be also a good idea to upgrade to a supported version of the ownCloud instead of downgrading the client?

The same is true of 9.1.5-stable, which as best as I can tell is still supported via the [ce_9.1] repo.

It appears to be here: https://owncloud.org/download/older-versions/


unfortunately i need to tell you that this is wrong. :confused: According to the following resources below ownCloud versions below 10.0 are unsupported.