Where do I give permissions?



I'm pretty new to owncloud and also Linux. I just installed owncloud and I can also login at the moment. But there is no button for uploading. I have read the you have to give permission to the user. But how can I give permission to a user which I created only in owncloud? Is this user also created on my Linux Server?

Secondly I want to ask where all the files are save when I install owncloud? I don't exactly know where everything is at the moment :slight_smile:

Thanks for answers in advance


hi owliver

usually you can find your data-structure in the following paths (depending of how you've installed it, either tarball or via aptitude):






best would be if you follow the instructions from the owncloud-administrators-manual:

in your 'admin-page', which you can open by clicking the user-name (drop-down-menu) on the top-right corner, you'll be able to see this screenshot. make sure you have the correct permissions for your users to upload files:

or, if your users are working on a 'shared-folder' already, you should give them the right permissions as well (public folder, shared by link):

and here you go with shared-folders for your owncloud-users:


Cool thanks for helping me.
The Problem is that I can't create shares. I can't even create groups to put users in. All I am able to do is login as administrator which I created at the beginning. I guess this user needs to have all permissions, but it somehow hasn't...


did you chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/owncloud/ ?


There is no owncloud directory. In /var/www/html there is only a index.html file...


As you havn't provided any information how you have installed ownCloud @victorbw was only able to do some guessing here. You're the admin so you actually need to know where you have installed ownCloud and apply that knowledge to the hint with chmod above.


you can search over your whole disk(s) by using this command in the CLI:

find / -name "owncloud" -type d

this command will search for all folders called "owncloud".
next-time please dont overpanic if you cant find what you're looking for and provide us more informations about your setup.

from a certain level of information we get, the sooner we can help you out to find your real issue :wink:


I just saw that there's the new nextcloud so I'm going with that now. But thanks for answering and helping me :slight_smile:


@RealRancor well, "solved" :smile:


Using NextCloud won't safe you from learning some linux basics to solve issues like this. But sure, you're free to choose the software you like.