Where does OC 4.1.1 store it's downloaded files on Android?

Actual behaviour

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    When I download a document I can sometimes open it with an app, but I can’t find the location the file is stored at. For example I may want to move a downloaded pem, pdf or jpeg to another folder for offline use.

Expected behavior

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    All downloaded content should be accessible to the file manager for movement to other locations as needed.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download a pem file
  2. Search for it with file manager
  3. Nothing shows up in the search

Can this problem be reproduced with the official owncloud server?

Don’t know. Not going to send a certificate to an unknown public place.

Environment data

Android version:
Device model:
Stock or customized system:
ownCloud app version:
ownCloud server version:


Web server error log

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#### ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

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Android app uses “Scoped Storage” since 2.19.

Here you can find more information:


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