Where have the Debian packages gone to?

Hey I am using the Repository:

for my Debian9 Server (owncloud-files) an since a few Day got apt errors.

I see that all Directories have gone? Where are they now?
I cannot find any Debian packages for owncloud-files any more.
I did not find any notes on the owncloud site …

Pleas help.



Please take a look at ownCloud download server restructuring. For repositories, you should also check the Linux Distribution Packages section at Download Server Packages - ownCloud. The old repos hosted on download.owncloud.org were outdated and should not be used anymore. The repository change was announced in ownCloud Server 10.9.0 released

Long term support for Debian 9 ended in June of this year. I would not expect anyone to package for it any longer.

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This repository has Debian 9.0 packages for the latest ownCloud server. No warrenties, no support. We just did the new build of the packages with all the old and new distros, and Debian 9.0 happened to have no errors during package build. That is why it is still there.

Upgrade to Debian 10 (or 11) is strongly recommended.

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