Where is email client in version 10?

I use the owncloud version 10.x.
Previously, with version 9.x, it was possible to download the client to manage the mail.
With the new version 10.x I did not find the same application in the market.
Where can I find my email client?

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Maybe https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/afterlogic worth a try?

I have seen that the AfterLogic WebMail application is present, but I have not been able to configure it. Is there any other email client?

Seems there is now another one: https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/rainloop

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I tested the rainloop app with a gmail.com account, working fine! Unfortunately, the app does not save any accounts so you have to log in every time you open the app.
Any other email account I tested was rejected with "Domain not allowed" and there is no option to edit server settings and so on, only email and password.


Hello there
i ve the same issue
is not possible to add webmail to my hosting…
nobody setting for this app rainloop maybie on the files we can add or modifiy something…
i works on for see :wink:
if you have read or have an issue thanks for the share :wink:

I got authentication failed with gmail

I see why

This is a security feature from Google.

Any app not made by Google, is considered “less secure”.

To resolve this, you need to go onto your Google account and create a unique password, just for use with ownCloud. You use this password in place of your normal account password.

This should allow you to sign in correctly.

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