Where to check current OC verions for different release channels?

Hi @all,

I just got a Mail from the german CERT BUND ( in co-operation with Nextcloud GmbH hmmmm ), saying that some of my owncloud installations don't use the current version of OC. So I checked in the OC admin menu if there is a new version available and OC tells me by 9.1.2 ist the current version on production channel. If I switch to daily builds I could download+install a new version, but of course I don't want no daily build an production installations.

So the big question to me is : Where can I check what OC Version is the current Version for the different release channels ?

Thanks a lot for you help !

Bye, Dirk

There is no such way to see which is the current version. Please don't rely on the update notifications within ownCloud as those are known to be delayed and the reason is not visible to users.

Instead either subscribe to the announcement mailinglist or check on https://owncloud.org/changelog/ on your own for newer versions.