White/Blank page after upgrading 8.2.9 to 9.0.6


Today we decided to upgrade our OC Server from latest 8 (8.2.9) to 9.0.6 and then go to 9.1 however after uploading 9.0.6 files, we only had blank page .. I searched alot but I have not found my solution yet.

This is what we did :

1- Disabled all apps
2- Uploaded OC 9.0.6 files using FTP

Our Server details :
- PHP 7.0 -or- 5.6 (we have both)
- Cloudlinux (latest)
- LiteSpeed

I would really appreciate if you help me to solve this issue ... I am really worried that I have to stick with 8 for ever ..

Thank you

Did you follow the upgrade instructions, creating a new owncloud folder and copying your old config.php to its' config subfolder (after backing everything up, of course)?

I think it's better to extract the owncloud archive directly on your server rather than transferring the individual files via FTP. Try that, instead.

Thank you again,

Well I tried both .. using FTP and buy unzipping the OwnCloud Files directly on the server.

I have not tried renaming the old directory and uploading the new one ... I completely removed the old files (exept data folder which is not located inside the owncloud installation path) and /config/* directory. Then uploaded the new files to the server using FTP -or- unpacking the zip file directly on the server.

In both instances, when I try to upgrade from 8.2.9 to 9.0.7 , it stuck in this step : "Updated "provisioning_api" to 0.4.1" and then shows this error : "An error occurred."