Wikipedia updates in entries for ownCloud (DE/EN)

Hi there,

Maybe you’ve already noticed that I’ve been doing some updates to the ownCloud Wikipedia page recently. For more than a year now, I’ve been occasionally looking into things there, mostly updating version numbers and similar.

And over the year, I also found time to add/change some infos there, e.g. about the Bayernbox (1000 cities), about our Infinite Scale heritage from CERN, the Bavarian school cloud (~ 5 Million users soon) and more.

What we need here is your help: Wikipedia is only perfect if a community is behind an entry. If you can help, feel free and do, ping me if you need help. If you know people that are native speakers of the many other Wikipedia language pages about ownCloud, that would be great! There’s articles about us in some 20+ languages…

Just one thing: Before editing, please log in to Wikipedia and make sure that your profile states any affiliation with ownCloud, if you can. I know that other companies don’t like transparency that much, but we do. So if you’re earning money with ownCloud, please make a statement like mine in your Wikipedia profile BEFORE editing – it is Wikipedia policy, and we appreciate that.

Today, I added some historical facts, some version improvements and the success stories mentioned to the German version. It’s still in review, but I hope they’ll accept it. Here’s the direct link to my changes:

Tomorrow I’ll take care of the English WP version and changes regarding functions and current version numbers. The latter has to be done mostly in Wikidata, which works completely different than WP itself and strongly depending on country/language community.

However: Every contribution is appreciated! And always remember: Wikipedia is not Marketing, it’s an encyclopedia – relevance matters, they are very fast to kick out stuff that has no relevance, quotation or proof.

As to the English Wikipedia, you can see that there’s an annoying banner on the start page which I haven’t been able to get removed. I suspect it was placed there in a case of vandalism, but honestly I don’t know and nobody in charge seems to care to remove it. My plan is adapting the WP page, making it better and better until it will finally be removed.

Again: Any help appreciated!

Thanks, Greez from Regensburg!

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Today, I updated the english language Wikipedia to get it a bit more in line with the german entry and fix some flaws. Any help appreciated!

If you are wondering, what you could do, there’s one thing: I cannot remove the banner that states “this sounds like advertisment”.

If you know somebody in the WP community who could spark the process of getting rid of this banner, please connect. :slight_smile: I’ve tried to connect to WP people, but I failed with this effort - I don’t see why this banner should be there. However, only people without affilitation to ownCloud may remove it, so for sure, it’s not me. But I have received a lot of feedback that the claim “this sounds like an advertisement” isn’t valid any more, it’s probably only a organizational matter.

Again: any help appreciated.

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Just a friendly reminder: Please help, both English and German Wikipedia articles need community help. Especially now that our project founder has seen we are working on the pages, any help is highly appreciated!

Wikipedia lives through your, mine, our contributions, so please help :slight_smile:

Please see my prior post above for the rules that apply in Wikipedia.

Thanks for all that do and did!

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