Win7 and Win10 on the same computer - any problem?



This is a question without a problem - just to make sure I won't get one before I proceed:

I run Owncloud on my laptop (which is currently my only computer) to sync newly downloaded music files to my NAS. Firstly to back them up, but also because I use the Owncloud directory on the NAS as a base to sync them into my smartphone (via Foldersync).

Until now my only Windows based Owncloud installation runs under Windows 7 64 bit, but some time ago I installed also Windows 10 in a separate partition on the SSD. The directory with the music collection observed by Owncloud is on a separate hard drive in the laptop.

I'm using both Windows versions off and on, because both have some advantages and disadvantages with respect to some of my (many) applications.

Is it any problem if I install Owncloud also in Windows 10? Will it cause a conflict somewhere, e.g. when I boot into the other Windows version next time?

Or is there an even easier solution?

In case it plays any role:
The Owncloud version on the NAS - a QNAP TS-459 Pro II running QTS 4.2.2 - is ownCloud 8.0.4 (stable). I think I downloaded it from QNAP's appcenter (as I don't know enough Linux to do an installation from the command line). There's no newer version available in the appcenter.
Unfortunately in the moment I can't look up the Owncloud version in Win7 as I'm writing under Win10, but it should be the latest one.


No issues I would foresee ... Please report back your experiences!


Okay, thank you!

Anybody else - ? ?


There should not be an issue as long as both client versions are reasonably similar, e.g. same 2.2.x