Windows 10 client sent me over data cap

So I have an ISP with data-caps (1024 Gig) :frowning: . I couldn't figure out why I was under the cap in Jan and Feb, then all of a sudden in March I used 1.3 TB of data and in April with 5 days left I am over 1.5 TB of data. So, I started sniffing my network this week and it didn't take long to figure out that my two owncloud clients are making requests every 2-10 seconds on my server at home.

These behaviors started happening around March 3rd as best I can tell, and they are continuing up to today. Both desktop clients are running version

March was my 1 month of warning from Comcast. In April this will cost me over $100 in overage fees. This sucks folks. I can't use a program that spams my home network every 6 seconds. Ridiculous.
I can post my logs if needed, but I've found other people with this problem as well. Unfortunately I am not willing to uninstall/reinstall the client until next month.

There is a quick request every 30 seconds, but that should be not more than 2kB so it would not explain the > 1 TB.

Which exact requests did you see? Can you paste an excerpt from your HTTP access.log?

What did you see in the client UI?