Windows 10 cmd dir command does not show owncloud sync folder


while using windows 10 and owncloud client (version 2.11.1 (build 8438)) to sync data.
Folder Created in Windows Explorer


set as syn folder.
everythings works as expected!
Files and Folders are listed in Windows Explorer and accessable.

Now in command line cmd

d:\dir does not show folder d:\Owncloud any more.

I can navigate into it still
cd Owncloud
and list all the included files, but I can’t see the root folder as expected.

Tryed with multiple dir /AH … settings, but no result.
How can I get the root folder visible again?

There are some programs that don’t like that behavior and we can’t access the files inside the sync folder because of that.

With attrib owncloud I found out that the folder has the special attribute S for System Folder.
You can display system folders in dir with dir /AS

However I have no clue as to why that is.

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