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I have the same issue, we access owncloud through Owncube and pay an annual subscription however we have now all been denied access to our cloud data because of the error, obviously this is affecting our business.
We have no proper IT support as the guy who set up all of this left 6 months ago. Everything has been working fine up until a few days ago when it stopped. The user and password that we were left was not accepted when I tried to access owncloud and we are unwilling to approach the originator.
Owncube have said that they cannot help as it is an issue with owncloud.
As far as I can determine the only option I have is to backup all of the individual pc “cloud” directories, find a suitable cloud supplier and start again. Or can anyone suggest what has “gone wrong” or and alternative solution.

Internal Server Error does not sound good.

Sounds like a job for owncube support.

You are here at ownCloud forum. User help users. No payment subscription here.

a) maybe you should not let that guy go
b) the guy should have documented what he has done
c) why did you not hire another guy for that job?

If you have a business and paying customers you should buy a ownCloud subscription. please contact ownCloud at

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Owncube say they cannot help and don’t mind if I move away from them.
I am not technical and cannot see what is wrong in asking the experts?
a) He deserted us.
b) He offered to, and was supposed to have documented all we needed to know in the last 2 months that he was with us, as for other job functions that he did the documents are lacking also…
c) We are only a small outfit (2 people) and cannot afford to employ someone full time. We are however subcontracting things out where it practical and we can find someone suitable.

Okay, what exactly are your needs?