Windows 10 sync client updated and refuses to sync with ownCloud appliance on Drobo 5N

I recently updated the Windows x64 ownCloud sync client to 2.5.0 build 10560. Now it tells me, my server version would be unsupported. Problem is, it is running on a Drobo 5N, that’s a kind of a NAS system where you do not install software via shell or docker, but there is a dashboard app which lets you choose from various appliances. One of them obviously is ownCloud. I contacted Drobo support and they tell me, ownCloud is to blame for not updating the server app. I contacted ownCloud and they redirected me to here -_-

I tried to update the ownCloud server installation several times from within the web interface of the ownCloud server but it fails. Obviously there is kind of a rootjail around the thing they call Drobo App which prevents such.

What’s to do now?

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Drobo ownCloud app isn’t maintained by ownCloud, sorry.

You can still download older client versions:

Thanks, but who maintanes that then?

I suppose Drobo.

Sorry to redirect you to them again.

But we are not the maintainers of this app.

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Maybe someone™ that is or was engaged in the ownCloud community maintained this. (hard to find without more information)

but where could one get more information? I have none so far


it seems even lists the ownCloud app on their homepage:

I think if they are adding such info to their homepage then they should be able to tell you as well where they got the app from or who has developed and uploaded it to their app store?

I have the same problem.
Drobo staff told me :

"it does appear that the ownCloud no longer works well on the Drobo devices.
We would recommend using a different backup solution from the DroboApps list.
Kind Regards,
Artem Z

Drobo Support Agent"


"we are not able to troubleshoot the issues for the 3rd party applications.
We simply provide the necessary tools for the developers to implement their software on our devices, like many other NAS vendors.

Only thing we may suggest here is to consult with the software developers directly."

ownCloud does not work with drobo at the moment.

There was apperantly some collaboration to integrate the app in to their system but as for now - no one at ownCloud is maintaining or supporting this app on drobo.



the answer of the support looks quite strange to me. How should an software developer (e.g. one of ownCloud) develop an app for such Drobo devices if he/she doesn’t own such a device?

simple. you can use just the SDK they supply.
the problem is, if noone supports it, what can we do now?


i’m not sure how much help a SDK is if you don’t have device to test and develop the support? :frowning_face:

I think you probably would need to find some one having such a device and the knowledge how to create / update apps for this Drobo environment.

well, I would have both. I am only lacking time to do so.

odd thing is, Drobo still advertisies this as a feature of their devices:

Well, I would write to drobo support about that.

I did. they don’t care

they say, it’s community driven hence unsupported:

Well, then I would stop using their product and tell others not to use their product.

I understand that you are now, at the moment, in a bad spot. In that, you can’t get support here, and you can’t get support from your “provider”. But from the ownCloud’s side, there is nothing ownCloud can do.

Would you consider setting ownCloud up on a dedicated server ?

Well true. I should update my review and tell people what sucks about drobo.

I thought about that, too, yes. Using a raspberry pi 3 and store everthing on the drobo via nfs. But then, I would rather head for other solutions which promise more performance compared to ownCloud.
Well maybe I will sacrifice a weekend and work with their damn sdk to bring a more current (and hoepfully auto-updateable) version to my devive. It is not black magic though and it runs kinda special rootjails on a limited linux backend.

I am successfully running ownCloud on a separate server with my Drobo 810n mounted as an nfs share. I’ve had no complaints about performance.

The catch for you though, are you able to recover the database off the Drobo and do you have direct access to the data folder? These will be needed to transfer to another server. Though if it’s just a couple of you, starting clean could work.


IMHO they should at least care to:

  1. research the author of this app (they should know who provided the app to them if they are listing it on their web page)
  2. ask if he/she is still supporting or maintaining the app (probably not if the app version is stuck at 8.2.0)
  3. if not 2. remove it from their web page and app store.

I think ownCloud 8.2.0 is really to old and probably has quite a lot bugs / security issues and shouldn’t be provided anymore to Drobo users.