Windows 2.7.6 "Error writing metadata" when using Virtual Files (Ubuntu Server)

Expected behaviour

Virtual files working normally.

Actual behaviour

Occasional corrupt files and consistent “error writing metadata” message every time I save a file.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install ownCloud Windows client and connect to Ubuntu Server
  2. Activate virtual files
  3. Save a file (e.g. working in Word)

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 Server (running as VM on Unraid)

Web server: N/A

Database: MariaDB

PHP version: 7

ownCloud version: latest

Storage backend (external storage): N/A

Client configuration

Client version: 2.7.6

Operating system: Windows 10

OS language:English


04-26 19:33:11:081 [ debug sync.database.sql ] [ OCC::SqlQuery::bindValue ]: SQL bind 1 “word4.docx”
04-26 19:33:11:081 [ debug sync.database.sql ] [ OCC::SqlQuery::exec ]: SQL exec “SELECT lastTryEtag, lastTryModtime, retrycount, errorstring, lastTryTime, ignoreDuration, renameTarget, errorCategory, requestId FROM blacklist WHERE path=?1 COLLATE NOCASE”
04-26 19:33:11:081 [ warning sync.propagator ]: Could not complete propagation of “word4.docx” by OCC::PropagateUploadFileV1(0x86b94a8) with status OCC::SyncFileItem::FatalError and error: “Error writing metadata to the database”
04-26 19:33:11:083 [ debug sync.statustracker ] [ OCC::SyncFileStatusTracker::slotItemCompleted ]: Item completed “word4.docx” OCC::SyncFileItem::FatalError CSyncEnums::CSYNC_INSTRUCTION_SYNC
04-26 19:33:11:083 [ warning ]: void __thiscall OCC::VfsWin::fileStatusChanged(const class QString &,class OCC::SyncFileStatus) : couldn’t setinsync: “WindowsError: ffffffff80070178: The file is not a cloud file.”
04-26 19:33:11:084 [ debug sync.localdiscoverytracker ] [ OCC::LocalDiscoveryTracker::slotItemCompleted ]: inserted error item “word4.docx”
04-26 19:33:11:084 [ debug sync.networkjob ] [ OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::slotFinished ]: Network job OCC::PUTFileJob finished for “/word4.docx”

Have you tried uploading the file with an ownCloud client, that doesn’t have VFS enabled and therefore ruled out a server issue?

Hi Eneubauer,

Thanks for your reply! Yes — as soon as I disable virtual files, the problem completely disappears. It seems to be an issue with that feature.