Windows 7 Client Password Dialogue Box on Start Up

For a few weeks, since a windows update, a password request box appears each time I start my PC. How can I store the password so that I don't have to enter it manually every time as it did prior to the update? I have looked everywhere but cannot find where to enter it.

A password box for ownCloud?

I would try to reinstall the client, you data stays on the system if you reinstall.

Have you changed the method of login into windows?

Thanks for your reply dmitry
I uninstalled the existing client and installed the latest download which installed fine but the same problem occurred. I wasn't asked for any set up details it just carried on as before with the password dialogue box and syncing the files. I presume that I didn't uninstall it correctly?


I have noticed, that if I login to Linux without password - I get asked for the password for the client every time, because the key chain is still locked.

I suspect similar behaviour on windows if you login without password. Have you changed that?

No, I haven't changed anything although I suspect something changed on a Windows update. I also get asked for my Office 365 password sometimes when I start my PC but not every time. Maybe it's a Windows problem and not Owncloud?

I would suspect that :slight_smile:

Somehow windows does not remember the passwords correctly

PS. That's why I am on ubuntu :smiley:

Thanks dmitry, I'll check that out later

Sorted it dmitry

Added the details to Windows Credential Manager and now no dialogue box. Hopefully it will stay there

Great to hear that, now I know what to do in that situation