Windows Client Application & password prompts after change or remove Windows account password

Is it typical for Windows Desktop ownCloud Client to forget password after user change (or remove) Windows account password?

I have regular situations with using ownCloud Desktop Client on Windows, when user remove or change his password to local Windows account, then ownCloud client application forget remembered password to ownCloud account and prompt for type it when user login to Windows.

I use ownCloud for 'backup' Desktops and Documents on few computers in local company network and it's annoying when synchronization stops and I have to connect or go there and type the password. It happens, from time to time, on many Windows versions.

How to resolve/workaround this situation?

Thanks in advance for response.

I suppose it has something to do with the windows password chain. If you change or remove something in the chain all the passwords get messed up.

How can I workaround this problem (any other method to permanent remember passwords, or maybe there is any other method available to authenticate to ownCloud server)?

Hey @chuckster! Thanks for your question! It does look like the Windows Credential Manager is not properly re-encrypting your cached ownCloud password with your new Windows pass as "salt". I've found some tips pointing at some scenarios in which this might happen on Win7/8 (don't know if it's your case).

However, a way I can think of to avoid this from happening that can apply to your use case is to switch to owncloudcmd -n together with an .netrc file:

login demo
password demo

If you're interested in also getting this feature on the regular, GUI client, you can vote:

Hope this helps!

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Thank's for your reply. It's helpful.
'owncloudcmd -n' seems useful, but it's complicating situation here - not as good as it would be as part of GUI client.
I already wrote post on that issue at GitHub.