Windows client "host not found" after enabling server-side encryption

After upgrading to ownCloud 8.2.9 and enabling server-side encryption, the windows client cannot find the host, but the Ubuntu one can

Expected behaviour

I enabled server-side encryption, the client requests that I log out and back in after enabling server side encryption then continues to function as normal

Actual behaviour

Client requests that I log out and back in after enabling server side encryption but after doing so cannot find the host, however, works fine on Ubuntu 16.04

Failed to connect to ownCloud at
Host not found

Steps to reproduce

  1. Upgrade to 8.2.9
  2. Enable server-side encryption
  3. Log in and out

Server configuration

Operating system:
Debian 8

Web server:
Nginx 1.6.2
mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.50, for debian-linux-gnu (armv7l) using readline 6.3
PHP version:
PHP 5.6.29-0+deb8u1 (cli) (built: Dec 14 2016 13:57:05)
ownCloud version:
Storage backend (external storage):

Client configuration

Client version:
2.2.4 (build 6408)
Operating system:
Windows 10 64bit
OS language:
Qt version used by client package (Linux only, see also Settings dialog):

Client package (From ownCloud or distro) (Linux only):

Installation path of client:
C:\Program File (x86)\ownCloud

Not sure if that is a encryption issue, could be a coincidence as well. Can you open in your Browser? Did you run other updates on your Windows machine? Update of AV or firewall product (also possible that after an upgrade of OC clients, the new version is blacklisted).

The stats.php page outputs

I've set rules in the windows firewall for in and outbound to allow connections for the ownCloud client.
It still cannot find the host.

Tried disabling AV.
It still cannot find the host.

No updates on my desktop have been run around the time this happened

I just did another "sanity check" and ran ownCloud client on another windows machine and it connected without issue, so there's clearly an issue with my desktop.
Any other ideas?

Please keep your discussion at one place at the linked issue reported to the sync client developers. Once they are saying this is not an issue of the client or server we could continue here.

Not quite sure what you're suggesting I do, but I will put a fix, if found on GitHub once I have one

Its just that the people watching and having a look at the bugtracker you had posted [1] are not necessarily reading this forums or noticing this thread. So every info you're posting here is missing at the bugtracker. Thats why its always suggested to post such issues only at one place.


I'd normally agree, but that posted a week ago with no I started to look elsewhere

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Oh, sorry. Havn't noticed that this was posted at 2017-02-23