Windows client pre-configuration

Hi everyone!

We have almost 400 users in our company with multiple premises in the nearby cities. We use Windows AD in our environment but we don’t have SharePoint licenses to operate on-premises OneDrive for business. I’ve already configured OwnCloud server in Docker with LDAP to server the clients.
I would like to install the client application via GPO with the gpo client silently.

My question:
Is there a way to pre-configure the msi installer to automatically fill the server address, shared directory and auto login the users with their AD username?

Thanks in advance!

MSI is only used for installation, not for configuration. No GPO configuration yet.

With ownCloud subscription, you could access the “ownBrander” self-service portal, where you can configure such options. Then you’ll get compiled client builds for all platforms, with customisations like server address, shared directory etc.

For auto login, I’d recommend SSO with SAML…

From ownCloud website:

Adapt the ownCloud Desktop + Mobile Apps to your organization’s needs and corporate identity or ship them with individualized settings for your users.

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Thank you michaelstingl!

Can I set these options if I compile it myself as in the documentation’s building the client section?

Hm, might have some challenges. Not everything is perfectly documented yet.