Windows client takes long time to sync child file update

Expected behaviour

When users updates child subfolder/file it should immediately appear on the server.

Actual behaviour

The update takes a long time (30 - 60 minutes) to appear on server,

Steps to reproduce

The specific folder “A” is a network folder, where many users access subfolders and updates the documents in them, “A” is a large folder (112GB), and has many subfolders and each document in them is about 5-10MB each.

Update any child document in this folder.

Server configuration

Operating system: CentOS 7

Web server: Apache

Database: MySQL

PHP version: 7.2

ownCloud version:

Client configuration

Client version: 2.7.6

Operating system: Windows

See my answer in Client can sync down to NFS share, but not upload back to cloud

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Thanks for your response, I have adjusted this setting now. I will come back with the results.

I confirm the situation is improved now, yet we need to make the updates sync immediately. hence I turn to a manual process. in a case where the desktop client already setup to sync a folder to server, can I also use the owncloudcmd to sync a subfolder in the same folder to server ?, I think in this case, the cmd tool also will create a db file in the subfolder and might fail as conflicts even the files are same but it uses a new db file.

so the idea is, users who don’t want to wait for the automated process to sync the files can use the command line tool to sync their updates.

I think it’s important to mention that, this is expected to be a one way sync ( only upload), the server files will never be updated externally.

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