Windows desktop app; re-uploads instead of moves


We’ve been waiting now over 7 months and so far no useful help or solution.

We really need to be able to sort out our photo collection without Owncloud continuously up & down-loading gigabytes of files every time we move or rename a folder.

If Owncloud can’t function properly we’ll need to move on to something which can.


it seems the ownCloud people (at least one developer seems to have tried to reproduce it) are not really able to reproduce the problem in the linked issue below so i think there is not much hope to get a fix anytime soon :frowning_face:

Yes tried on a different platform with a different version. Not very helpful.
I have it repruducable on a simple Docker setup.
I think it’s weird that no one is interested in such a basic failing.


maybe it hasn’t much priority:

There are edge cases where the client does not get reliable information. Quite some effort has already been done to detect changes (e.g. checksum comparison), but the remaining cases are really hard to solve. Ensuring the integrity of the data is the higher goal than saving some GB.


That comment you referred to is absolute nonsense. These are not special “edge cases”. They are completely normal everyday situations. They could not possibly be any simpler.

Also, as I mentioned in another post, I use a Sync program for backup which handles the same moves & renames without the slightest difficulty when I run it weeks or months after the moves & renames took place.


David Bloomfield

Oh, sorry i haven’t followed all posts here and in the github issue as i’m not that familiar with all these information and technical details :frowning_face:

If this is just a standard operation / usage without any special configuration or edge cases maybe there is a misunderstanding by the ownCloud people then? I think it could make sense to explicitly state that in if not already done.

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Today on Windows 10 the ownCloud App updated to 2.1.1

I made a quick test of the synchronisation to my test area in a completely standard Docker/ownCloud.

Moving a sub-folder containing files from one folder to another (in the same sync folder) resulted in a move on the sever. Good - although it beats my why the log shows both folder move and then individual file moves - surely carrying out a proper move of a folder means all the files are included anyway.

But next - move the sub-folder onward to another folder (still within same sync area). This time all the files are upload as if new to the server and the originals are deleted. Bad!

Third try. move te sub-folder back to te starting folder - another upload/delete session - completely unnecessary.

I made several more moves in Windows but no sign of any move operations in the sync log - always uploads and deletes.

So there is no improvement this new version of the Windows app.

This is a critical issue - when will it be fixed?