Windows Desktop client cannot connect to server

I recently setup the owncloud on our network on a Ubuntu virtual machine.

The web browser is accessible from devices on the network, I can log in and add files/manage users.

I’ve tried using the guide listed at:

However my issue is a little different. I’m able to go to the address //myserver/remote.php/webdav and I receive the text "This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accesed by WebDAV clients such as the ownCloud desktop sync client.

The desktop client is the latest version.

Anyone have any idea’s on what to try next? I’m guessing it is some kind of configuration on the server that is blocking the client from connecting but not sure where to look at first.


That message shown in a browser is not a sign for any problems, by itself. This link just isn’t supposed to be called in a browser (and since a while owncloud has the “feature” that it will show the message you posted in that case).

So is there any “actual” problem, i.e. that the desktop client can’t connect to your owncloud instance?

@AaronG don’t really get what you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve. Could you post the detailed steps to help me understand?

Here you can find a template with the details that are usually needed to investigate issues with the desktop sync client:

Hi Michael,

I’m trying to connect the desktop clients to the owncloud server on the virtual machine I set up (The users prefer a program rather than the web interface). However the desktop client gives me the timeout error when I enter the IP of the server into the lookup field on the installation wizard.

Desktop client has pretty good debug log:

This should help you find the problem. You can also post the lines with the error here.

Thanks, I tried to generated logs from the desktop client earlier but I’m assuming because I can’t get far enough into the client it won’t open that log window with any of those commands. I also tried navigating to the owncloud folder in command prompt and running owncloud --logwindow and owncloud --logfile log.txt.

Did it work?

It’s difficult to help you. You didn’t post the client version you’re using. You didn’t post the operating system you run on your desktop. You didn’t post the version of the ownCloud server… I already sent you a list of essential information that’s needed to help you. (see link in my first reply)

The desktop client is saying "timeout while trying to connect to owncloud at https://myserver/status.php.
The web browser is working perfectly so it must be some kind of configuration on the server that isn’t accepting a connection from the desktop client.

The desktop client log commands did not work or generate any logs for me to view.

The desktop client is version: production 2.5.3 2019/02/07
The owncloud server version is : ownCloud 10.1.0 (stable)

The owncloud server is installed on Ubuntu 18.10. 64 bit. Virtual machine.
The desktop with the desktop client is windows 10 v1809.

??? Could you elaborate? What exactly did you try?