Windows Desktop Client: Display local folder name


I have some feature request for the windows sync client:
If you setup two identical owncloud accounts to sync with, but on different places in windows, It is not possible to see which account syncs to which local folder.

It should be distingushable, either by allowing users to define account names, or by displaying the local folder name somewhere directly in the UI to be visible at a first glance..
Currently you always need to click on "..." and "open folder" so see where this accounts syncs to.


as it doesn't look like that feature requests are picked up in here by the sync client team if would suggest to create this at


they seaid everything is moved from Gibhub zu central. Now I read the opposite is true? currently owncloud s structures are very unclear.

However, thanks for the hint!


Yes, this is not clear since a longer time and you're always safe to post bugreports and feature requests at github to make sure they get picked up.