Windows desktop client with Server 9.1.8 stable

After updating the client today, it informed me that 2.5.0 (build 10560) was not confirmed to work with Server 9.1.8 and that I was using this at my own risk. I have found the old version of the client and plan to reinstall this, but is there a way I can prevent this from checking for future updates?


i think the same i had posted in the thread below is valid here as well. Why keep an outdated version of the client to just keep an outdated and unsupported version of ownCloud?

Tom42 - FYI, owncloud-server v9.1.8 is still supported. Updating to 10.x requires updates to other packages, most notably php.


unfortunately i don’t know the source where you got this information but i need to tell you that this is not correct:

There is still a ce:9.1.repo available on


it seems you can even find an ownCloud 6.0.9 version (.tar.bz2 and repository) at

It looks to me that those are just kept for users coming from older versions so that they still being able to upgrade to newer version. The pure existence of an old version/repository probably does’t mean that these are still supported.