Windows support or NOT

I am looking to replace Sync with owncloud. I have a Windows 2016 server with a fresh Windows 2016 VM ready to go. I was reading instructions on how to install and came back a few days later coulding find the link again. additional searches brought me to this site with a warning that Windows server is no longer supported. Yet I find many current sites with instructions. So before I go nuts setting something up that is un supported I thought I would ask here.

Is OwnCloud supported on a Windows server 2016 Hyper-V Virtual machine?

If so where are the correct install instructions?

Thank you

Not as far as I am aware. Was running Owncloud on Windows up to 8.0.16 very satisfied but with 8.1 Windows support was stopped.

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Thanks for the quick reply. But isnt 10.x the current version. 8 would be very old.

You say it - so no Windows :frowning:

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I literally have no idea what you are saying. “You say it - so no windows”

Does anybody else have any input?
Thanks for the reply Pit but you don’t seem authoritative.

It’s pretty clear from the download page and the system requirements that only certain Linux distributions are supported for use as an ownCloud server. There is NO Windows ownCloud server and hasn’t been for years, as you acknowledged when you commented that ownCloud “8 would be very old.” @Pit was simply pointing out that you already have your answer. Asking the question again won’t change the answer. There is NO ownCloud server for Windows.

Since you already indicated that you have a Windows Server 2016 running as a VM, your best option is to either install one of the supported Linux distributions on your hypervisor, or try your hand at getting the ownCloud appliance running in your virtual environment, If you don’t know Linux, neither is going to easy, but it won’t be the impossible task of getting a Linux server application to run on Windows Server.


Hi Thanks LinkP for your reply. It is much more detailed than the previous and tells me you misunderstood the question but in your elaboration answered my question. YES. OwnCloud 10x can be run on a Windows Server in a hyper v session running Linux.

I have attempted to run other non related apps in Linux hyper v sessions only to find out they cannot be made to run. I just didn’t want to waste my time doing all the config only to find out there is a technical reason it will not work…