Windows Sync Client doesn't see it all

This is odd.

The files are seen in the Web UI, but the sync client doesn’t see the same thing …

Files were uploaded with my account (using webUI).
Then shared to another user (which uses OSX)
Other user moved files around, deleted some, created new folders within that share
And now when i want to sync them, this is what i get.

Latest version of sync client (2.6.1) , and web service (
No errors in the logs.

edit: i downloaded the files in a zip from the web ui.
after unzipping i get this :

Notice the underscore after the two folders that i couldn’t see. Special char ?
In the server i see this 'FOOD ’ and 'PAPIER ’
Looks like the user added a space after the name of the folder.

i renamed the folders from the UI

Removed the space that was after the folder name, and it synced !!!

Yeah, spaces at the end aren’t allowed on Win. You’ll see warnings about those files in the “Not synced” tab. Notifications will also be improved in one of the next releases…

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I suggest a little exclamation mark in the web ui next to folders that contain files/folders that have filenames that have issues.
Windows restrictions and OSX restrictions.


from what i know you can put suggestions or feature requests to so that the ownCloud team will notice it.