Windows Sync client put and fetch errors and constant recycle

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It doesn’t ; The windows desktop app syncs the files on the local machine to the VPS server but reports numerous file looking errors ( Put , file looked etc. ) which is nonsense as they are not locked. The client then proceeds to resync the entire library regardless of the fact that none of the files have changed.

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Operating system: Windows 10 client ( Linux VPS )

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  3. Server logfile: ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log):

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your client OS mentions both windows 10 and linux VPS. do you mean, your owncloud server is a linux VPS and your client is windows?

Do you get the errors when syncing down or up?
Do you get error messages when you press F12 in the client to open the debug console?

The server is Linux the web client is windows 10
errors are both up and down and the Dubug screen is full of errors.

I would say you need to restart your redis-server. Maybe clean the locking table in your database

thanks for the screen shot. the client behaviour is correct as far as I can see. Server installation issue.
Client log file? Server log file?
Redis log file?

New users cannot upload files and log is too big to be pasted.

the only thing in there is test data so you are welcome to login

It’s impossible to help you @rlydan if you refuse to post information from the issue template (in your first post).
Client version, server version etc etc etc.