Windows Sync Client Roaming Credentials not working



I have the latest sync client running on multiple machines with roaming profiles enabled.
When I add an account to OwnCloud it adds a credential into the windows vault (credential manager) but the persistence is only 'Local Computer'

When I log off and log into another machine the credentials are not in the windows vault and upon launching the client it will prompt for the password again.

I want to get this working properly so that users can roam between machines and not have to authenticate every time.

It is also interesting that the username is blank in the windows credential manager, the name of the credential is :https://url.for.owncloud/, i assume the client is getting the username by splitting that on the ":". Persistence is always "Local computer".

If I delete the credential from the vault and add one manually using the same name (i.e. username:url) I have to put a username in (as windows wont let me add without one) and the persistence is set to "Enterprise". The credential then roams to other machines proving that the vault is roaming properly, but when I launch owncloud it prompts for the password again with a single masked character in the field, entering the password replaces the entry in the vault with a new one without a username and the persistence changes back to "Local computer"

Steps to reproduce
1. Log into a computer and configure the ownCloud client
2. Log off that computer
3. Log back into the same computer - everything works fine
4. Log off again
5. Log into another computer - credentials are gone.

Expected behaviour
Credentials should roam between machines

Actual behaviour
Credentials are not roaming and the user is prompted for login each time.

Client configuration
Client version: 2.2.4 (build 6408)
Client operating system: Server 2012R2 (terminal services)


Roaming profiles are currently not supported according to:


Thanks, I'll follow up on that thread.