With ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.3, the Tech Preview sprouts new functionality

ownCloud Infinite Scale makes great strides, and we are happy to release the fourth Tech Preview already!

The ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview 1.3 brings no flashy new features, but a number of fixes that make previewing ownCloud Infinite Scale more seamless and also a few advances in furthering functionality.

With 1.3, ownCloud Infinite Scale now uses ownCloud Web 2.0.2, go-micro 3.5.1 and reva 1.6.1. This means 1.3 has initial nats and kubernetes registry support. Especially the reva update brings some new capabilities. The new, initial s3ng storage driver brings a s3-compatible blobstore. 1.3 also brings the groundwork for sharing resources with groups in future releases. The href url encoding is now on par with ownCloud 10. Beyond that, ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.3 fixes its WebDav permissions display and now can remove non-empty directories recursively from the trashbin. And with reva 1.6.1, ownCloud Infinite Scale now also gets initial checksum support! It is not yet optimized for performance, mind you. And as always with our Tech Previews, they are strictly not yet ready for production use!

Download the ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.3 Tech Preview, and learn about installing it.

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