WordPress Backup



I was looking for a backup solution for WordPress and though it would be nice if OwnCloud has something for this.
I do not see anything. Maybe I missed it. If so could you send me a link.



ownCloud is not a backup solution for the reasons explained here:


You might want to look into backup tools like rsync or any other software which is dedicated to do backups.


I would recommend checking out rsync aswell:)


I have a service hosting my Word Press but I have my ownCloud on a local server. Rsync is working well for backing up ownCloud and it's database, It is 99.44% automated.
At this time the hosting service does not allow rsync, I was just looking for another tool for the backup.


If you can use your host backup system, then use that instead.

They have paid millions of dollars (hopefully) for a full fledged backup system of all their hardware and data. So why even try to do it your self with a low budget solution?

If you host is serious, then they will offer this backup options to be used/utilized by their customers too.