Work-Around for shared sync folders between MacOS users?

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newer OwnCloud Sync Client Versions seem not to allow sharing sync folders among different users running the client – there is an error message if I specify a folder that is already synced by another user.

However, we don’t have enough storage space on our shared workstations for all users to fully replicate all data, and while I can allow user B to access user A’s sync folder, the actual sync to the cloud won’t happen if A doesn’t log in for a week, which is bad.

Is there a suggested way to work around this limitation?

Expected behaviour

Users on MacOS Workstation share sync folders and all data

Actual behaviour

User B cannot choose to sync folder /Users/Shared/OwnCloud/X if A already syncs it.

Server configuration

Hosted Web Service

Client configuration

Client version: 2.10.

Operating system: MacOS High Sierra and newer

OS language: German

you can still use the old version. Check the docs to prevent auto-update

Thanks! Would you happen to know how far I’d have to go back?
I cannot remember when it used to work …

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Update: The last version that supports multiple user accounts sharing the same sync folder is 2.8.2.

We well now be using this until either running the MacOS OwnCloud Client as a user-independent Service becomes available, or the checking/preventing multiple users using the same sync folder becomes OPTIONAL which I believe it should be in the first place.

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