You took to long to login, please try again now



I had issues with my redis-server so I changed memcache.local => \OC\Memcache\APCu in the config.php file. It seems to access the webpage but when I try to log in it gives me the error “You took to long to log in, please try again now” So my question is now, what can I do to resolve this issue or where do I start to look? The weird thing is my backend is kind of up. I can sync through the desktop app. The Web Interface is where my issue lies.


Hello There
yhis morning i ve the same issue with my owncloud…
i dont understay he works perfectly …
when i try to login i have this error message :
you have taken too long to log in please try again now

Do you have an idea ??
i works with the last owncloud…
thanks again for your help

I get this error when my php session directory isn’t writable by the web server user (both php sessions directory location and default web server user vary by linux distro). After upgrading php (even minor version security updates), I often have to reset the permissions on this directory to be more open than the default.


i did a short search like and found an existing and quite larger thread about the very same message with quote a lot solutions (including the session dir not writeable) instantly: