Your version is up to date, but it’s not? 10.9.1 to 10.10

Dear ownCloud community,

we are currently running ownCloud version 10.9.1. On the ownCloud download page, I see that ownCloud version 10.10. has been released on May 19.

On the settings page, however, I am getting ‘Your version is up to date’.

Steps to reproduce

With Version 10.9.1 just go to Updater, with “stable” channel I get no update

Server configuration

Operating system Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:

Web server: Apache2

Database: MariaDB 10.3.34

PHP version: 7.4.3

ownCloud version: 10.9.1

Updated from a fresh installation:

**Where did you install ownCloud from: Download Server Packages - ownCloud **

Does anyone have a Tip?

Best regards

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seeing the very same issue here.

yes, same problem on several installations

yes same problem here. I guess 10.10 isn’t “Stable” yet so it won’t come up in upgrade?

This is normal. The update notifications are always some time (weeks) behind. No clue why.

It is complicated. But mostly our own fault, as this checklist item easily gets lost after the release is technically done. We’ve changed the release process, and the release team now fully owns the online updater, (and understands how it works! - that was previously an engineering secret :innocent: )

Having said that, I now have good and (not so good news):

  • Since today, the online updater offers 10.10.0
  • But while testing updates via admin web interface, I ran into an internal server error 500 while updating from 10.91 to 10.10.0 (and also with some older updates)

I hope, the error does not occur for too many people.
There is an easy workaound, if it happens:
Manually run occ upgrade – that works perfectly fine. I’d always prefer occ upgrade over updating through the web UI.


Well, the web-updater is, let’s say ‘problematic’, since a long time ago. There were several discussions on this topic in the past, most of them with the advice, not using the web-updater any longer.

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