Your version is up to date

getting your version is up to date , but i am on 10.0.9?

not sure what is the process that checks or how to manually update

even console is telling im iin latest version which is incorrect

root@vorman:/var/www/html/owncloud# sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade -V
ownCloud 10.0.9

root@vorman:/var/www/html/owncloud# sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade
ownCloud is already latest version


maybe it helps you to understand which steps are required on the command line on how to do an update if you read the documentation available here:

This helped me a lot in the past and i successfully updated from 10.0.9 to 10.0.10 today.

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Thanks Tim after reading I have one question before I try tonight is the market part of the standard upgrade and where do I check if disabled


unfortunately i don’t understand your question.

i also had read this

Single-Server Environment¶
To upgrade Marketplace applications when running ownCloud in a single server environment, you can use use the Market app, specifically by running market:upgrade. This will install new versions of your installed apps if updates are available in the marketplace.

so my question once i confirm this
//The Market app is not upgraded if it is either disabled (because appstoreenabled is set to false) or it is not available.
If upgrade.automatic-app-update is set to false apps installed from the Marketplace are not automatically upgraded.\

all i would have to do is run … occ upgrade

Thanks Tom

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