10.0.3-10.0.8 Notes on using built-in Web Updater

During upgrade testing we discovered two issues in the web updater shipped with 10.0.3-10.0.8.

  1. Updater backup doesn't include apps
  2. Updater removes all non shipped apps from the app directory

Fixes for these two issues are to be shipped with 10.0.9

The package below includes updater files that are patched to fix these issues.
Just extract it's content into the updater directory of your ownCloud before using web updater and agree to override existing files.


If you would like to have more info please check pull request details at github

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i am attempting to run the updater to go from community 10.0.3 to 10.0.8 and when i click the updater button I get:

Client error response [url] https://dataomitted.net/index.php/occ/config:list [status code] 406 [reason phrase] Not Acceptable

please advise

fwiw, i do not see ‘updater.secret’ => in my config.php yet, there is a ‘secret’ => entry.

This request is blocked by your web server due to one of Accept headers mismatch. Most likely it even didn’t reach ownCloud code.

More clues should be in the webserver error log, not the owncloud.log

my websearches keep yielding results for versions 8.x and 9.x … are there permissions that have to be in place before running the updater on 10.0.3 to go to 10.0.8 ? owncloud was originally installed via softaculous in a shared hosting environment, then the host required i move to vps hosting, which removed softaculous. the updater button is visible in the admin page, but i cannot seem to find the answer.

my host edited something for me, per them: “The modsec rule that was changed was 990011” (whatever that means). the patched updater is visible now. hoping there’s no conflicts moving forward. AND THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!