Upgrade from to problem and fix

upon attempting upgrade from to with the built-in updater, the update stalled on the maintenance mode screen. it is worth noting my last upgrade to was not straightforward, and can be seen here . after 30 minutes, i manually changed the config.php ‘maintenance’ => false, _it should be noted that the 10.0.9 version was listed in the config.php file at this point_and i was presented with a “start upgrade” button after a page refresh. upon clicking this button, i was given errors about all my apps being incompatible or missing. my installation originally began as a softaculous install to a shared package that had been migrated to vps hosting at inmotion. this made my install so that none of the documentation available lined up with what i needed to do, so i saw fit to write this article. on the vps package at inmotion, i had to request root access, generate and authorize a key set, and generate the ppk of the private key to import into putty. then i logged in with putty as the root user and changed directory to my installation, and used ‘su’ to change to the account username. at that point i was finally able to run ‘php occ app:disable…’ to disable each of the apps. then i tried the “start upgrade” button again, and in less than a second, the install was finished and my owncloud was back on line, updated, and all content and users intact. I am in the process of re-enabling apps and replacing tweaks i had made prior to the upgrade. hope this helps someone else!

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Hey, i think its great that you share your experience with other users. I think the info could be even better if you’re trying to add some breaks between the lines. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a similar problem with upgrade to I started the upgrade and now I end up in the maintenance mode screen.
The log says that an upgrade was made from to That seems to be successful. Afterwards an upgrade was started from to Looks strange.
Here a snippet from the log:

"message":"starting upgrade from to"}

The next log entry stated the upgrade isn’t possible:

"Exception: {\"Exception\":\"OC\\\\RepairException\",\"Message\":\"Upgrade is not possible\",\"Code\":0,\"Trace\": ...

Never had have such problems …
Unfortunately I haven’t root access to the owncloud installation since this is on a shared webspace.

Any ideas to fix this?


Search for “maintenance mode” within the past two or three weeks. This will lead you to a solution.

Thanks, found it … but …
At first I disabled the maintenance mode in the config.php:

'maintenance' => false

After that the screen appears with an update button, so far so good. After pressing it, I got a warning of incompatible or missing apps. In my case the missing apps are the cause, I don’t find any of them in my apps folder.
Than I found your hint to disable the apps using a database tool (Upgrade impossoble). And now it seems I got a real problem. For whatever reason I set up my owncloud installation using a PostgreSQL database. Unfortunately my hosting provider doesn’t give me any tools to adminster this kind of database (a side note: If I had choosen MySQL I could use PHPMAyAdmin :frowning: )

So I’m afraid I have to set up my owncloud installation from scratch now … :disappointed:

Or is there any other way out of this …

How do you install/maintain pg-databases then, on this type of hosting?

As far as I remember correctly, I had to enter some settings for the database, name, credentials and so on for the setup and it works since them without any problems. Never had a situation where I had to maintain something in the database, it runs and runs, all update are done using the web updater … until now.

Hmm, you cannot do anything with your pg-databases manually? Something similar like mysqldump or so? SQL-Export and Import.?

Unfortunately not. Even if i want a database backup I have to contact the support. But they recommend a browser based administration tool called adminer: http://www.adminer.org/
I will try that …

Good luck then, I’m with you! :wink:

Thanks again. It seem your wishes helped :slight_smile:
After disabling the apps I could access my owncloud via browser again. It was now on version, shows many extra files in the integrity check and demands an update to 10.0.9. I started the update and ran in the same problem again. But now I had to disable one app only. After switching off maintenance mode the update process began again and now it was successful.
Wiping the sweat …

Great to hear. I’m glad I could help.