Update to > Owncloud stay in maintenance mode

Sorry for the poor english (i’m french)
more than 1/2 hour ago i started the update from to with the updater
I have this message asking me to wait …

I set config.php “maintenance” to false but now on refresh owncloud ask me to start the upgrade :

I saw on this post

that “johnwayne” got then many problems when starting the update

I’m on a shared server at 1and1 and no experience with command line
Anything i can do ?

There are many other posts on the topic “maintenance mode” around here. Please just search.

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Thanks alfredb, that’s what i’m doing for more than an hour …
I saw that i need to disable some apps in occ_appconfig, but for the moment i have not try to start the “manual” update to see what happens …

If it is possible, disable all the app not belonging to owncloud, then start the upgrade. I think there is no option in this situation. Good luck!

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I have try to update and i have a messge for 3 apps to disable
I think i’m on the good way
Thanks again

Many thanks ! Works fine now !

Perfect. You’re welcome!

@vitisflora could you please mark this thread as solved. Thanks.