10.0.3 Notes on using built-in Web Updater

Before making 10.0.3 available for the web update we would like to inform you about some pitfalls you might encounter.

MariaDB users: Doctrine has no support of breaking changes introduced in MariaDB 10.2.7+ currently.
If you are on MariaDB 10.2.7+ it is strongly advised to upgrade manually and apply a patch to Doctrine before executing occ upgrade command as described here.

Users using encryption: In some rare cases encryption gets disabled after upgrade.
Just reenable encryption after upgrade is done. https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/28985

9.1.6/10.0.x to 10.0.3
There are some known issues in updater for older versions that are already fixed in 10.0.3
In order not to mess with them please replace updater directory in your ownCloud with updater directory from 10.0.3 before using web updater.
It is available here for your convenience.

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