500 internal error occur and also still presist after changing Maximum upload size in owncloud web interface of oc

Hi ownCloud lovers...!
I am facing problem with owncloud file upload size. Today i updated "> Maximum upload size" in admin of owncloud but after changing this my website is down and it's showing 500 internal server error found. So i am not able to change that parameter back. Please suggest me "How can i get back my site live with owncloud ?"

Thank You ...!

Duplicate. please avoid posting multiple threads about the very same problem, even if you didn't get an answer.

You don't say what system your OwnCloud server is running on. I suppose it is a linux with apache system.
Did you modify the parameter upload_max_filesize in php.ini (in /etc/php5/apache2)?

no..! I didn't changed it.
my php.ini file contains a parameter with following value.
my server is running on CentOs 6.9

OK, but what is the setting you made in admin page? Are the two settings coherent ?
However, the 500 error is more drastic than a simple error on the size limit of the files.
What is in the error log file of the apache server ?

I really think this issue should be kept at one place... Currently the infos are spread over two threads about the very same issue...

please follow up in the initial thread closing here.