Acces to owncloud anywere

I have create my owncloud personal server in Raspberry pi4 but i cant enter if i arent at my home . Does anyone knows how to able to acess from anywere ?

Solutions like “WDC Homecloud” work through a server: your cloud server device contacts the server and any requests from clients (e.g. your phone) go to the server that relays it to your cloud server device.

Owncloud is different: your client software needs to be able to contact the server in some way to communicate. The advantage is that you can be sure that your data does not end up getting intercepted on that remote server of someone else, the disadvantage is that you’ll have to arrange for “access” to your home server yourself.

What you need is called “port forwarding”. A quick google found me: with sensible explanations (at least the first part I read).

If your internet connection has a fixed IP then you can use that and the port you selected for forwarding to connect to your owncloud server. If it doesn’t you will probably need to use a service like “dyndns”.

(I haven’t gotten around to doing all this myself yet… First I have to get “https” working on my owncloud server, only then do I consider it safe to worry about the remote access…)