Access denied CSRF check failed




Totally new here and a real newbie when it comes to this! I was hoping to use ownCloud on server where I have websites hosted (I pay a hosting company, Bluedomino). I use it forweb hosting for my business site, etc. I have so much space I do not use I thought it would be useful to have control of my own cloud space.

I installed ownCloud server into a directory on my hosted server. It all seemed fine but when I try to login, I get "Access denied CSRF check failed".
As a matter of interest, I installed the Desktop Clients and connected to the server and the Sync Protocol shows the sample photos and documents. So something must be working! I added a phot to the photos directory on the server directory but it has shown on the desktop client.
Is there something I need to change in the php settings where I host my sites, (which sounds complicated), or is it possibly something straightforward?

Thank for your help



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