Ancient Upgrade Path(s)


I inherited a woefully outdated Owncloud installation in our production environment from a departed sysadmin. I’m running on Ubuntu 14.04. I’m just wondering what my upgrade path to v10 looks like, or if it would be better to migrate to a brand new server instance. The local files live in a Windows Server environment.

In a perfect (easy) world an in place server upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 and then upgrade OwnCloud to an early version of 10.x would meet the most immediate need (mobile app support), but this particular use case isn’t exactly documented.

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This older topic should get you on the right track.


In addition to LinkP’s link here are the official docs containing ownCloud version numbers and PHP compatibility:

Any required older version may be found at

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To give some alternatives, you could setup a fresh ownCloud 10.10 installation (likely in ubuntu 20.20) and let your users move the data from one server to another on their own before closing the old server.
A fresh installation is always good, but you’ll lose all metadata associated to the files and you’ll bother your users. It also depends on how much data they’ll have to move.

If all the files, are in an external windows server, you’d just need to connect the fresh installation to that external windows, so there is no need to move files around (unless someone have local files), but metadata is still lost.

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