Android gallery

Hi all

I want to synchronize images via owncloud to an android tablet in order to make it easily available for showing them around.

Now I learned that the app is not able to store the files directly on the internal memory which would then be available for any other app (i.e. a Gallery app).

I learned that the images are available only via “storage access framework” but I couldn’t find a single gallery app that supports this. Do you know one (just one)?

However, the suggestion is to copy things over to the local storage (what the heck, this is owncloud!). No option for me to copy over dozens of GB (not enough space) just for fun.

The internal gallery of owncloud seems very slow and re-downloads also offline-available files every time I open a file. Also I believe it not to be very convenient for elderlies who just want to show images (and don’t care about synchronization).

Any other suggestions?


Hmm seeing now this thread: How to access files on android for music player - #9 by druuhl
… and can fully see the same frustration as I am currently undergoing…
I am unsure what to do with that.

As I am also in the process of moving towards Infinite Scale (due to not supporting PHP 8 with owncloud classic) I am wondering if I shall keep owncloud at all or move towards… I don’t know… Nextcloud? But potentially they have the very same issues…

Any positive thoughts? Ideas for a gallery app?