Anyone on a (ARM) Qnap with MariaDB - and working?

i wanted to use the QNAP Database on my TS-219PII.
But with the recent 4.2.2 it was upgraded to MariaDB.
According to the release notes, InnoDB is not supported on ARM-Hardware.

OC supports InnoDB only.
No-Go? Or anyone lucky and i am doing something wrong?

Something to consider when talking about ownCloud on QNAP:

QNAPs libxml is so ancient that ownCloud nine and also older versions can not run on QNAP any more because a newer libxml is required. The reason why we need libxml 2.7.0 is documented in and is a serious reason.

Thank you. Yes, i know this.
But the qnap is too slow anyway due to its outdated PHP and Apache

I am running OC on a PI2 PHP7 Nginx

For security reasons I wanted to run the SQL (and data folder) on the Qnap (RAID), because its not as fragile as the sD Card.
Rasberry als pure readonly webserver.

So its pure the innoDB on Qnap I need


InnoDB is a requirement as you have noted (it wouldn't be stated there if its not the case).