Auto upload pictures not working from sdcard

Actual behaviour

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    Auto upload pictures settings will not allow me to select the SDCARD as the camera folder. This was working unfil the end of May when I believe there was an update to Android app 2.18

Expected behaviour

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    I should be able to select the SDCARD as the camera folder

Steps to reproduce

  1. Settings
  2. Auto upload pictures
  3. Camera folder
  4. cannot find sdcard in the file list

Can this problem be reproduced with the official owncloud server?
(url:, user: test, password: test)
This is an APP issue

Environment data

Android version:
Device model:
LG V60

Stock or customized system:

ownCloud app version:
2.18 (6aeff37f6)
ownCloud server version:
ownCloud 10.3.2 (stable)


Web server error log

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ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

Insert your ownCloud log here

Just to be in the same page: you open the Settings, then you select the “Auto Uploads Pictures”, enable it, and the “Camera folder” is where you can not select the source path where the pictures are fetched to be uploaded. Is that correct?

By default the SD card path is placed in the /storage/XXXX-XXXX folder (XXXX-XXXX is an alphanumeric string, different in every device). Don’t you see that folder? Is that empty? Could you browse to it (by browsing back)?

All details will be helpful

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It defaulted back to the internal photo location of /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera. it does not see the sdcard if I drill back to /storage

This used to work until a few weeks ago when the app updated.

I have 2.17 installed on my samsung tablet and it does let me select the sdcard.

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I have exactly the same problem.
I can not enter my sd card in the APP v2.18 any more.

Which device GranoOfficial?

Is there any way I can revert back to the 2.17 version of the Android app ?

We will release a fix soon.

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Hi @jesmrec, does exist a gh entry for this case?

Not exactly. We are working in replacing the custom file picker for the native one, that will be mandatory very soon together with the Scoped Storage implementation.

That means, when the user selects the source folder for the camera uploads, the Android system will provide him/her all the available providers where folders can be chosen. It should fix the problem… as soon as we have the fix finished (it is not an easy one), it’d be cool to have some volunteers to check if the problem is gone.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S10…
Sorry for late reply i did not get any info about your question…

No problem @GranoOfficial

I already suspected that your device was a Samsung.

We have developed a feature that should fix the problem. It is not easy to test because such behaviour is only reproducible in a reduced set of devices. It’d be very helpful if you can check the fix in your device. In case you want to help us, i could send you a testing APK to get your feedback.

What do you think?

Any other question or regard, let us know, we are happy to help.

thanks in advance!

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Hi @jesmrec
Very good…
It would be a pleasure to me to help you with testing the solution.
Just send me the apk by mail or with a download link or somehow and i will check it immediately when i receive it.

Nice regards from Austria

Could you send an email to then, i will forward you the apk

Thanks a lot for your engagement !!

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E-Mail with Ticket#202107087000255 is out on the Mail you have send me

apk sent! check your mailbox. Thanks again!

@snafuaz you opened the ticket. If you want to take a look to the first draft, just let me know and i will send you the apk as well

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Hey @jesmrec !
The Picker for Picture and Video Upload from the SD Card works now very fine again with your new test APK.
-Uninstalled Original Released APK from PlayStore.
-Cleared all Cash with a third party cleaner Software so that there is no old Data from the release before
-Installed your Test APK…
-Setup the destination and from where it should come (Picture and Video Folder are both the same in my SD Card and also both the same in my Owncloud)
-First took a Picture and after one second took a short video.
-Switched to the app and waiting on the Upload Log when it starts.
-Upload Test with a video worked fine so far it started after about 2 Minutes with the upload for the Video.
-Upload Test with a Picture is Stuck and not started for now… i also tried a second picture… my Uploaddestination is a pretty big folder with about 30 GB including Pictures and Videos.
Now waiting for about 15 Minutes Nothing happens in Picture Upload.

The time it takes to upload is determined by the Android system, it could take 20 minutes and sometimes even more. I hope the are not stucked!

The most important thing was checking that you can now select the SD card as source folder and that’s a good new!

Let us informed about your testing

Thanks!! :muscle: :muscle:

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UPDATE: 03:22 PM Upload for the Picture now worked for the first picture i took so it looks like the Timedelay is from android system and fine so far… :wink:

For me the new APK can go to Production.

Thank you so far for the Fix.

Thanks!! good news that everything is working fine :slight_smile:

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