Cannot edit signin page OCIS

I’ve build web from source and tried editing the packages/web-runtime/themes/owncloud/theme.json and dist/themes/owncloud/theme.json, but the https://localhost:9200/signin/ page still shows the same ownCloud logo and slogan. Tried making changes to dist/themes/owncloud/assets images but no luck, only the changes are seen once logged in. Where can I edit the images and texts of the signin page of OCIS?

Running in Docker with:

 docker run --rm -p 9200:9200   -v ~/web/config:/config   -v ~/web/dist:/dist   -v ocis-config:/etc/ocis   -v ocis-data:/var/lib/ocis   -e IDM_CREATE_DEMO_USERS=true   -e WEB_ASSET_PATH=/dist   -e WEB_UI_CONFIG_FILE=/config/config.json   owncloud/ocis

Hey see this thread Theming, settings in ocis.yaml? - #9 by dragonchaser

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We are trying to switch to a new IdP bundled with ocis Try to ship Authelia as the default IdP in the ocis binary

If we succeed in this, we would als like to add branding abilities.

workaround available in Theming, settings in ocis.yaml?