Try to ship Authelia as the default IdP in the ocis binary


We are trying to use Authelia as our default OpenIDConnect Provider.

There are ongoing efforts to bundle authelia and replace the kopano connect.


  • The existing Feature Set is too small, even for the default use case (No MFA, No password reset)
  • The community is moving towards Authelia
  • Infinite Scale Team wants to contribute rather to a moving project like authelia
  • Both communities could benefit from each other

We would like to encourage you to help testing and making this vision a reality!

Ongoing Tasks


Authelia is the way to go, how will this work with an existing Authelia setup?

I have also spent a couple of hours writing a guide on how to get a working setup of Authelia, lldap, Caddy and oCIS working… seems like that was a waste of time now :joy:

You can still use authelia as an external IdP by not starting the ocis idp service. Like today.

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People like you inspired us to go into that direction :+1:


Thank you, @micbar! Your post inspired me and I inspired the Linux Magazine Germany to write an article on Authelia. It’s been published a few days ago, and they mentioned the fact that ownCloud “is also looking into it” or similar.

I guess it’s not paywalled, they always hand out some articles completely free, thus: Have a nice read and let me know if there’s any mistakes in there. It’s german only, though.