Choose the location of a file in the account when sharing

Hello everyone,

I tell you a bit about the situation. I want every user to have his personal account with his files, so far so good. What I want to do is create a common account for shared files that all users have access to. This account would have a structure of capetas, for example, year_2016, year_2017 and for example within year_2017 you will find the tokens folder.
What I would like to know if there is any way that other users from your personal account when sharing a file of yours to the account in common can choose the destination folder where they should appear what they share.
For example Juan wants to share document.pdf with the account in common. Well, when you click on the share option you will have the folders that the account has in common and select where to place your file.

Thank you very much!
Sorry for my English.

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No. The design behind ownCloud works differently. All shares happen in another users data directory. From there the receiving user an decide how to name this share if its a folder.
In your case I recommend a functional user which shares with everybody and then the file is places in the right folder by each user.